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Become A Team Coach or Director


Ready Set Sports (RSS) is a youth basketball organization specializing in Leagues, AAU/Club Teams, Camps, and Clinics in Virginia. Our mission is to change the culture of youth basketball … and a major part of that are our Team Coaches!

RSS is looking for men AND women of high character to join our team. This position is part-time and includes opportunities for personal and professional development as well as the potential for advancement. Please read more below about our Coaching positions!


  • Possess and display genuine CARE for all their players and parents as both athletes and people.

  • Maintain the perspective that positive mentorship, leadership development and creating unity is more important than wins and losses.

  • Practice patience, empathy, and understanding with their players, parents, coaches, and fans in a potentially emotionally charged environment.

  • Embrace the commitment and responsibility they have to the team, the individual player, and the families of the player.

  • Ask for help when they need it.

  • Are confident, reliable, and clear communicators. They listen for understanding and meaning. They approach areas of concern with kindness and with firmness when necessary.

  • Understand that young athletes need reliable role models who are invested in their progress and who praise the process.

  • Believe that competition, in and of itself, is not negative, but instead, see it as an opportunity to teach life lessons about navigating successes and failures.

  • Have a strong knowledge of basketball with a passion for teaching, coaching, and mentoring.


1. Learn and adhere to RSS policies and procedures.
2. Coach and develop players with a philosophy that aligns with RSS’s mission and values.
3. Communicate regularly with team families concerning logistics and all team activities.
4. Be consistently engaged with RSS stakeholders and address concerns quickly, with a positive attitude.
5. Travel to various local practice gyms and tournaments as assigned.
6. Work with RSS management to ensure that all events have appropriate RSS staff coverage in the event of an absence.


Ready Set Sports is looking for the “Navy Seals” of youth basketball. 

Please excuse the military comparison, but we are looking for the best of the best youth basketball leaders to become our next Director.

We are looking for women and men of high character and grit who see the problems in youth basketball and want to join an elite team focused on a singular mission: to change the culture of youth basketball. 

And like the Seals, this job is not easy, glamorous, or often fun. In fact, it’s really hard and very few have the desire, passion, and fortitude to make it work, but for those that do, it can be the most rewarding and fulfilling job of their career.

This job is a part-time position.

  • Confidently and professionally manage and control all on-court and business operations of RSS.

  • Always ensure the physical and psychological safely of all participants.

  • Understand they are the face of Ready Set Sports and project values that align with RSS.

  • Are reliable, organized, and communicative.

  • Genuinely care for children's development.

  • Communicate in a clear and timely manner with all stakeholders.

  • Are constantly looking to improve and grow themselves.

  • Provide and foster a positive and professional coaching environment for players, parents, and staff.


  1. Hire, manage and retain the highest quality of coaches

    • Perform quality checks according to RSS guidelines

    • Provide feedback to coaches according to RSS guidelines

  2. Organize, arrange and communicate practice, workout and game schedules for all teams

    • Have schedules in place according to RSS guidelines

    • Communicate with coaches, managers, and parents according to RSS guidelines

  3. Keep operating expenses in line with city budget

    • Submit all receipts according to RSS guidelines

  4. Lead on-court events when necessary according to RSS guidelines

  5. Establish positive customer relations

    • Practice respect at all times

  6. Grow the number of players/teams​

    • Contribute to RSS social media accounts according to RSS guidelines

  7. Communicate with RSS Support Staff 

    • Practice punctuality for all scheduled meetings and calls

    • Provide input and contribute to all RSS meetings and calls

  8. Problem-solve with the help of RSS Support Staff

    • Respectfully and clearly handle problems and issues as they arise

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