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Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach

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So You Think You Might Want to Coach in Ready Set Sports..... 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in the Ready Set Sports youth sports program! The success of the program in providing the skill development, participation, sportsmanship, and fun that we seek depends largely on the efforts of our team of volunteers. We are very grateful to them, and thrilled that you may be interested in helping out. 


Before you commit to coaching, we understand you need to know what you can expect, and what will be expected of you. 


You must have a desire to work with children, patience, maturity, dependability, sound character, strong morals, values, and  personal ethics.


Coaches must provide an enjoyable & safe sporting experience for an assigned group of athletes while they learn individual and team skills.


Your commitment is only one hour per week. We need coaches that are available during their own child's games. You will coach your own son or daughters team keeping a bias coaching attitude.


In sum, instead of sitting in the stands, you'll be on the court assisting. 


Ready Set Sports head coaches will lead all drills. You'll make sure your team is carrying out the drills correctly. 

You'll preside over team activities including all scheduled prac
tices and games which tend to all be on the same day. Adhere to Ready Set Sports policies, rules and objectives. Lead by example to support the responsibilities of league leadership. Coach an assigned group of children and focus on skill development, safety, sportsmanship and fun. You'll work to establish and improve team unity and spirit. Lastly, ensure equal playing time for all players, regardless the score.


  • Possess and display genuine CARE for all their players and parents as both athletes and people.

  • Maintain the perspective that positive mentorship, leadership development and creating unity is more important than wins and losses.

  • Practice patience, empathy, and understanding with their players, parents, coaches, and fans in a potentially emotionally charged environment.

  • Embrace the commitment and responsibility they have to the team, the individual player, and the families of the player.

  • Ask for help when they need it.

  • Are confident, reliable, and clear communicators. They listen for understanding and meaning. They approach areas of concern with kindness and with firmness when necessary.

  • Understand that young athletes need reliable role models who are invested in their progress and who praise the process.

  • Believe that competition, in and of itself, is not negative, but instead, see it as an opportunity to teach life lessons about navigating successes and failures.

  • Have a strong knowledge of basketball with a passion for teaching, coaching, and mentoring.

If you have any follow up questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ready Set Sports at 703-795-2574.

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