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Ready Set Sports RSS Travel Boys & Girls Basketball Program
3rd - 7th Grade


RSS Travel Boys & Girls Teams

Basketball Teams 3rd - 7th Grade

Gym Location: 

13020 Telegraph Road Woodbridge VA 22192


Tournaments (Team registration fees)

50+ Practices (Gym rentals)

Eight tournaments (Estimated 20+ games)


Team Outings


Seven Month Program

(February 2024 - August 2024)

Full schedule will be provided to parents upon team selection 

Practice Starts February 2024 

Practice will be twice a week

Frequent Asked Questions About

Travel/AAU Basketball 

#1 What is AAU basketball?

AAU basketball literally stands for Amateur Athletic Union (more in #2 below), but AAU basketball is a term typically used to refer to youth “club basketball” or “competitive basketball” or “travel basketball”. Although AAU is an actual organization/brand, AAU basketball is most often used to refer to one of the aforementioned phrases similarly to how Kleenex, an actual brand, is used as a catch-all phrase to mean tissues.

#2 What does AAU stand for?

AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. According to the AAU website, AAU is “one of the largest, non-profit, volunteer, multi-sport event organizations in the world, the AAU is dedicated exclusively to the promotion and development of amateur sports and physical fitness programs. The AAU philosophy of “Sports For All, Forever” is now shared by nearly 700,000 members and 150,000 volunteers across 41 sports programs and 55 U.S. districts.”

So again, AAU is an actual organization, but typically in the youth basketball space it is used as a catch-all term, like Kleenex and tissues, to refer to any competitive or club or travel basketball, whether they play in actual AAU tournaments or not.

#3 When does AAU basketball start?

The main AAU basketball season is typically the spring and early summer from about March through mid to late June for elementary and middle school players and March through July but off for June (for school basketball) for high schoolers.

AAU basketball is also played in the fall and winter, but these are just secondary seasons for elementary and middle schoolers as many play football in the fall and school basketball in the winter while high school players typically never play in the winter due to school basketball.

#4 Is AAU basketball worth it?

This is a very subjective question as it depends on what the parents and players are looking for. AAU basketball is a great tool for players to compete against the best competition around. In fact, you will not find any other competition better typically.

#5 Does AAU basketball travel?

AAU basketball teams may or may not travel. It just depends on the team or club as travel is not a requirement to play AAU basketball. Often, AAU basketball teams do, in fact, travel, but many do not.

This is another strong opinion of many youth basketball experts today that it is a waste of time and money for young kids, especially elementary and middle school age, to travel as it takes away from time and money that could be spent on their skill or strength development.

#6 How much does AAU basketball cost?

Costs for AAU basketball can vary wildly from being free to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the team and club, what they offer, the skill level of the player, the travel that the team does, and more.

Child Registration Form


Gym Location: 13020 Telegraph Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192

Acceptance of Terms, Conditions, and Waivers/Liability. By selecting this box "I accept the Waiver and Release of Liability Form, Ready Set Sports, LLC Photo Release Form, and COVID Release of Liability." Furthermore, by submitting this registration form and making payment, you agree that you have read and understood the terms, conditions, and waivers set forth in this agreement and you accept this agreement without modification. You understand that this agreement is effective at the date and time of registration submission. The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement represent the full and complete understanding between the parties. The terms and conditions may be modified only through the written mutual consent of the parties. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, you should not submit this registration form and you will not be enrolled in the program. 


There are no refunds after February 1, 2024. 

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