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Basketball Training

THE PERFECT WORK OUT FOR THOSE WITH NO EXPERIENCE to mid-level experience (ages 6-14).

Ready Set Sports brings a powerful, proven method of engaging your young athlete in the basics of the game. 

This basketball training provides basketball players and athletes with the tools to improve and elevate their game to the next level. Our Basketball Training offers individual, small group, and team basketball skill development and performance training. 

This program will focus on:

  • Proper and aggressive dribbling moves

  • Eye and hand coordination 

  • Proper shooting form and understanding of body mechanics

  • Passing and understanding the angles of the game

  • Offense drills

  • Defense drills

  • Basic ball dribbling drills

  • Passing drills

  • Shooting drills

  • Rebounding drills

  • Making shots with defense drill

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