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Washington Wizards & Mystics
Ticket Request

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*Ready Set Sports Teams At The Washington Mystics vs Las Vegas Aces Game
August 2, 2022.

Ready Set Sports will be attending the

Washington Wizards vs New York Knicks Friday, February 24, 2023

Ticket Pick Up: 

Tickets will be available for pick up in the gym during our basketball games starting Saturday, February 11, 2023 at the scorers table. Please have your receipt handy. 


You are allowed to buy as many tickets as you want. Don't worry about the spaces for names on the form below. The most important part is making sure you have the right amount of tickets. Be sure to purchase the total amount of tickets you need including children registered in the league. If you need more than six tickets, please call Coach Jay and a link will be set up. 

Seat Section:    

  • We are in sections: 425/426/431

  • If you'd like to purchase seats closer to the floor in the arena, please reach out to me. (Seat availability as of 1-25-2023) 

    • Sections 101/110/112/121 Rows L - S: $190 per seat 40+ seats remaining

    • Sections 102/109/113 Rows Q - S: $124 per seat 30 seats remaining

    • Sections 103/108/114 Rows J – S: $110 per seat 30 seats remaining

    • Sections 105-107/117-118 Rows E – T: $92 per seat 10 seats remaining before Row L, 30 seats remaining between Row L and T

What's included for us: 

Ready Set Sports Pre-Game Basketball Game: 

  • 10 kids (ages 8-11) from Ready Set Sports will play a 4-5 minute game on the Wizards court in front of the entire arena before the official Wizards & Knicks game kick off. Parents, if your child is selected, you will be notified in person and via email with further instructions. 

  • We will have at a minimum two practices before hand to prep the kids for such an experience. 

Postgame Free Throw:

Postgame Free Throw: After the game clears out, we will move to the court for each child to shoot a free throw on the Wizards basketball court!

  • We will meet outside of Sections 111/112 with two minutes left in the game.

  • Once the seating bowl is cleared, the group will be escorted down to the court.

  • Each member of the group will be allowed to take one free throw.

  • After each person takes their free throw, they must exit immediately up the steps between Section 100 and 121.

  • No food or drinks are allowed on the court.

  • If parents are taking pictures/just watching, they must go across the court, towards the exit (Sections 100/121), to take the photos.

  • Please make sure you are familiar with all Capital One Arena policies regarding bags, outside food and beverage, etc., before entering the arena.

Coach Jay will be in the arena to help direct Ready Set Sports participants every step of the way. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Ticket Request 


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These tickets are for people who received a text on
February 16, 2023. PLease do not check out if you did not receive a text. There are no extra tickets. thank you

Ticket Request
Summer 2023 


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