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Schedule & Location 

Location: 13020 Telegraph Road Woodbridge, VA 22192 (Ebenezer Church Gym)​

2023 Winter League Tournament Schedule and Information
Ages 8-11 Division


First Round Tournament Game Times

Time: 0900 

Court 1: (9) Warriors vs (8) Lakers 

Court 2: (5) Nets vs (12) Rockets


Time: 1000

Court 1: (11) Thunder vs (6) Pistons 

Court 2: (7) Mavs vs (10) Cavs 

(1) Knicks, (2) Bulls, (3) Celtics, &  (4) Wizards - Have a bye. First games will be played at 1100 & 1200.  

Time: 1100

Court 1: (1) Knicks vs Winner of (Warrior & Lakers)

Court 2: (4) Wizards vs Winner of (Nets & Rockets)

Time: 1200

Court 1: (3) Celtics vs Winner of (Thunder & Pistons)

Court 2: (2) Bulls vs Winner of (Mavs & Cavs)

For our children's safety, tournament rules and game play is different than regular season. See below for more details. 

Basic game rules: 

  • Only rounds one and two are double elimination. Rounds three and beyond are automatic elimination games. We will announce what games are elimination. 

  • Coaches, you are allowed two 30 second time outs per game.  

  • We will play two 15 minute halves. 

  • The clock will continue to run unless the game is within 6 points. If the game is within 6 points, we will stop the clock under one minute in the second half. 

  • Five minute halftime. 

  • Five minute warm-up 

  • One coach is allowed to stand. All other coaches and assistants must remain seated. 

    • First offense: Warning ​

    • Second offense: Technical foul. Two free throws and the ball for opposing team

    • Third offense: Ejected from game  

  • No full court press. 

Gym Rules: 


  • The only players allowed on the court are current game players and coaches. Family members, siblings, players not schedule to play yet, etc are not allowed on the court for any reason. Remain clear of the courts to allow for smooth transitions and player safety. 

    • First offense: warning​

    • Second offense: immediate removal from the gym

  • Heckling of referees and coaches will not be tolerated. 

    • First offense: warning​

    • Second offense: immediate removal from the gym

  • For your safety and others, pay attention to your surroundings 

    • Do not cross directly across the basketball courts during games​

    • Do not allow small children near the court during games 

    • Do not stand on or near the court during games

  • Do not block doors; especially the fire doors. 

  • Escort children to the restrooms. At no time should a child be walking around alone throughout the building. 

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