Like in most youth sports programs parents have a strong desire to coach. Unlike other youth sports programs, Ready-Set-Sports! provides parents with the necessary tools to be a successful volunteer coach. Because we have such a strong emphasis on learning we provide parents with the curriculum necessary to teach your children the fundamentals of the game. Parents are not expected to come up with game plans, plays, or strategy. We provide that. It is for this reason that we encourage parents, no matter what prior experience they may have, to volunteer to coach your children.

Volunteer Coaches

For all of our programs it is necessary to have parents  volunteer as coaches and coordinators. Each program has a Program Director (RSS representative) who will be present for every session. In order for a program to run effectively we typically need up to 3 volunteers per team; a head coach, assistant coach, and a team coordinator.

Program Director – This person is a Ready-Set-Sports! representative. The Program Director is responsible for all communication with parents and coaches. All questions, concerns or feedback pertaining to the program are channeled to the Program Director.

Head Coach – The Head Coach is expected to participate in every session. The Head Coach will be the primary program facilitator for a team. Head coaches will be responsible for all of the coaching and teaching opportunities for a team. Head coaches will receive all of the necessary tools, game plans, plays, strategy, etc. from the Program Director.

Assistant Coach – The Assistant Coach is expected to participate in every session. The Assistant Coach will be primarily responsible for supporting the head coach and “managing” the sidelines and substitutions to ensure children are engaged and receive equal playing time.

Team Coordinator РAs team coordinator the primary responsibility is to coordinate with parents   which family will be bringing a snack and a beverage for children to enjoy weekly.