Our Story

Early on as parents we faced a daunting task of trying to determine what the appropriate sports program for our children would be. We received advice from friends and family, received bushels of marketing materials, and scour the internet, with the hope of finding the right program. When we finally found the right program we found relief thinking that we had completed the journey. Little did we know the journey had just begun. What followed was ┬ámore uncertainty. The programs we enrolled our children in were “well intended” but did not meet, let alone exceed, our expectations. Programs were unorganized, unstructured, and did not match our children’s needs, both physically or cognitively.

Ready-Set-Sports’ goal is to deliver an age-appropriate experience for children that is tailored to their physical and cognitive development. It is our belief and experience that children need structure, attention, and praise, as well as enjoy what they are doing in order to truly internalize and learn from their experience. As parents we need to know our children are safe, are learning and our expectations are being met.

Our focus is on learning and having fun, not winning and losing. Every child participates. We do not have any standings or win/loss records. We do not have a commissioner or “a board” and we do not “draft” our children. For us, winning is learning.