Youth Lacrosse


One of our goals at Ready-Set-Sports is to expose children to sports that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to play. In doing so, we do our best to eliminate cost as a barrier to learn a sport. Lacrosse is a sport that, like hockey, can be cost prohibitive for parents or it may not be a sport a parent is willing to invest in for children at such an early age. As an example, other lacrosse programs in Northern Virginia cost as much as $200 to register and investing in equipment can easily cost a family between $300 and $400. For that reason, Ready-Set-Sports provides the necessary equipment for our programs. These programs are instructional and are a great opportunity for players to experience lacrosse for the first time in a program that is not hyper competitive. We provide ALL equipment in our programs. This is not a “travel” program and is ideal for players interested in experiencing lacrosse for the first time and who are looking for exposure to the sport without having to make significant financial and time investments.

Prince William County Program – There is currently no program scheduled in Prince William county. 

Our program in Prince William county is for players age 4-10 and is completely non-contact. This program is instructional for boys and girls of all ages. Players receive sticks, eye protection and gloves for the duration of the season. Equipment is offered on the honor system and is expected to be returned in good condition. Parents who fail to return equipment will be charged a fee to replace the equipment. Parents are required to purchase a mouth piece and players are encouraged to wear cleats.

The curriculum in this program is focused on understanding the concepts of lacrosse, developing fundamentals like picking up ground balls, cradling, passing, catching, shooting, rules of the game and understanding the field of play

Prince William Location – Hylton Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club
5070 Dale Blvd
Woodbridge, VA 22193
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