Youth Floorball

Teamwork-01There are two primary challenges for parents that would like nothing more then to expose their children to the sport of hockey; cost and commitment. Most parents are challenged by the exorbitant costs for equipment and registration for a sport their child may not have a long term interest in. In addition, it is not uncommon for parents to have to commit to practicing and playing during “off hours” due to the extreme demand for ice time throughout most communities. By experiencing “floor ball”,  parents can expose their children to a sport that on every level simulates hockey (except the ice) without the exorbitant cost and the inconvenient commitments.

What makes our program so unique is our inflatable rink perimeter. We have designed and built an 88′ by 48′ “boundary” that keeps the ball in play. Rarely does the ball escape the rink, keeping the game on going and action packed (see photo above).

Throughout Europe floorball is played at all levels, including professionally. Unlike floor hockey, in Floorball there are no wooden sticks, only lightweight plastic sticks. There are no pucks, only plastic balls (similar to large whiffle balls). Courts are modified and games are introduced in week two. For all age groups the emphasis prior to the first game is on developing fundamentals, rules of the game and understanding the field of play (boundaries). Like all Ready-Set-Sports programs, the curriculum will entail; “concepts”, “individual skills”, “team skills” and “game skills”. Children will need sneakers or tennis shoes and parents are required to provide a mouth piece. Ready Set Sports will provide eye protection and sticks.

Loudoun Location – Leesburg Christian School – There are currently no programs scheduled in Loudoun County.

Leesburg Christian Church
21336 Evergreen Mills Rd
Leesburg, VA 20175
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