Why should I register my child in a Ready-Set-Sports program?

If you are looking to expose your child to various sports that provide a positive, fun, learning environment then we may be the program for your family. Our programs are curriculum based, “healthy competitive”, and affordable

Why are your costs so much less then other programs?

While we may not always be the least expensive program we are typically one of the least expensive programs. That said, there are multiple reasons our programs cost less then other programs. The primary reason is because we do not want cost to prohibit a family from exposing their child to a sport. Another reason we are able to keep our costs down is because we do not have a “brick and mortar” business. Our venue-based model allows us to keep operating cost down.

What do you mean by “curriculum based” programs?

All of our programs are 7 weeks long, held for one hour, and are on weekends or offered in elementary schools as After School Programs. For every program we have established weekly learning objectives that map to the program goals and objectives.

Why are programs 7 weeks long?

Because our players are as young as they are we recognize that given their age, their “interest” in activities at this age has a time horizon. Our parent surveys have told us that 7 weeks is an adequate duration for programs in our age groups.

Why are sessions 1 hour long?

Because our players are as young as they are, it has been our experience that holding their attention beyond one hour can be a challenge. It is for this reason that we contain our sessions to one hour.

Are your coaches volunteers or are they paid?

Our coaches are parents or family members of our players. Ready-Set-Sports does not pay coaches. It is our intent to foster a family dynamic for as many families as possible. Our volunteer coaches are asked to facilitate our program curriculums. Coaches are not expected to “game plan”, communicate with parents or create rosters. Ready-Set-Sports maintains all rosters, program curriculums and communication with parents.

How competitive are your programs?

We consider our program “healthy competitive” not “hyper competitive”. Our primary focus is for children to enjoy themselves and to learn. All players receive equal playing time.

Do players receive trophies?

Yes! All players receive trophies. For a number of our players their Ready-Set-Sports experience is their first. Because our programs are about “participation”, we are proud to award participation trophies to all of our players.

Do you have a photo day?

Yes, we do. Typically we have photo day around week 3. We do not use a third party to take our photos. Our photo program is a “view first” program that allows parents to actually see the images before they buy them. Parents receive pictures by the end of the program.

Do you offer a discount for additional children in a program?


Yes, we offer a 10% discount for each additional child in our programs

Is Ready-Set-Sports a franchise?

Ready-Set-Sports was founded in Virginia in 2014. Ready-Set-Sports has “company owned” programs throughout Northern Virginia. In 2017 Ready-Set-Sports will be franchising our business model.